Portalet. Present access

The old main gate was totally transformed. At present, there are two main gateways; the “Portalet”, which was the only one in use for a long time, and the "Portal del Rey en Jaume"(King Jaume’s Gate). The latter is more recent, from the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th. They both have machicolations (holes above the gateway through which to drop things on intruders), pergola and guardhouse. They are covered with an arched pointed vault. The Portalet is the oldest gateway on the site. In the year 1685 the governor, Francisco Sararriga inspected the castle as well as other fortifications in the outlying areas. As a result of his visit he ordered the construction of a small gate in the main gateway where people could enter and leave in times of war without having to open the main gate. This is why in the year 1716 the gates of the Rey en Jaume Gateway were transported from Palma to Capdepera.
This gateway is a tower-gateway, reinforced with large machicolations, crowned by fortifications which were typical of the 13th and 16th century, designed for the defence of and entry to the fortress. The entrance of this gate is steeper and more difficult than the Portalet entrance.
In 1954 the current staircase was begun. It leads from the ‘Portalet’ of the castle to the current village (which was once the suburbs).


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